Apply now!

In order to become a RJI volunteer and start your life changing experience, please take the following steps:

  1. Picture yourself as a RJI participant!
  2. Determine your general eligibility and suitability making sure you meet all the following criteria:
    a.   Selfless
    b.   Patient
    c.   Enthusiastic
    d.   Open minded
    e.   Respectful
    f.    Cooperative
    g.   Understanding
    h.   Friendly
    i.   Proactive
    j.   Cultural sensitive
    k.  Positive attitude
    l.   Adaptable.
  3. Able to meet the demands of living and working on the field.
  4. Motivated, flexible and committed to working alongside other volunteers, partners, RJI staff and communities.
  5. Able to fundrise to contribute with the participation fee.
  6. Available to commit to the entire duration of the project and to follow RJI´s policies for safety and health reasons.
  7. Submit an Online Application.
  8. Once you have applied, we will contact you by email within the following days to gather more information depending on your interest.
  9. We offer projects and programs for all the ages and backgrounds (including under age volunteers).
  10. We run projects and programs all year long.