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Our is an small remote village on the South Pacific coast of Costa Rica, 65km south of Golfito; approximately 200 inhabitants. The Olive Ridley (Lepidochelys olivacea) is by far the most common turtle, although it is also possible to observe the sporadic nesting of other species of sea turtles including Hawksbills (Eretmochelis imbricatta) and Greens (Chelonia mydas).

There is the longest continuously monitored Olive Ridley nesting beach in the world. Community support and involvement is integral to the success of the program. During free time you can experience the local environment: the long deserted beaches, jungle trails leading to waterfalls and natural pools, and of course the friendly people, who are always willing to help you polish up on your Spanish or give a surfing lesson.

Also, the town is built around a beach-front football field and you can participate in afternoon football matches or kick a ball around with the locals as the sun is going down. Climate It usually rains at least once each day, if even just for 10 minutes, as this is a rain forest. Daytime temperatures range from the mid-70 when overcast to low-90’s when the sun is out.

Participation Fee per person:                                                         

•    One  week $800 USD
      •    Two weeks $1200 USD
      •    Each additional week $350 USD

Fee include

-Pick up airport in an out.
-Two nights hostel in San Jose (one at the begining, one at the end).
-Transport to the community.
-Accommodation and food (3 meals every day)with a local family, at the project station or overflow cabins.
-Staff support 24/7

Fee not include

-In country transportation.
-Phone cards.
-Medical / Accident insurance.


Volunteer Tasks:

•    Night Beach Patrols: Approximately 3 hour walks monitoring sea turtle nesting activity.
•    Data Register: Egg Collection, Turtle Measuring and Tagging.
•    Hatcheries: Nest relocation and hatchling release after incubation period.
•    Community Interaction (optional): English lessons at local school, college andmembers of the association; also environmental education, Art programs, local tours…
•    Construction and nursery care (for nests of turtle eggs)
•    Cleaning the beach (at least once a month organized by the community)
•    Construction of houses and other infrastructure to facilitate patrols and stay of visitorsand volunteers on the observation of nesting.


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