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What skills will I gain?

You can acquire a solid repertoire of skills that will look great on your resume. Depending on the program, the skills acquired include:

  • Understanding of gender and development, HIV/AIDS and other relevant global development issues
  • Project planning, coordination and data collection
  • Understanding of community development challenges/opportunities and their connection with global issues
  • Intercultural cultural communication, adaptation and sensitivity
  • New language skills
  • Public speaking
  • Workshop facilitation and planning

Will this help me get a job or get into school?

Volunteer experience is often a big draw on resumes. More and more of RJI's alumni are being recruited by other organizations—in business and government, as well as in the non-profit arena. By including volunteer experience on your resume, you demonstrate that you have been involved in experiential education, voluntary service and development work, which can nicely round out your education and work experience. We can also act as a reference for potential employers and write reference letters for you to be used when applying for work or graduate or professional schools.