Getting ready to go

What sort of preparation training does RJI provide?

Upon your arrival to the country, you will receive orientation and training sessions to provide you with the specific set of tools and resources you will need. Individual volunteers may receive these sessions via Skype depending of their project. Core development sessions will include youth development, gender and the particular issues your project is seeking to address. RJI operations sessions include risk management, staying healthy and the particular ways in which RJI projects are implemented. Volunteers will also have tools they can access in order to implement their project´s goals with the best results.

How can I fundraise to join a project?

You can raise the money through a variety of means including events, letter campaigns, presentations or personal savings. Be creative: RJI and other volunteers in your area can help kick-start your campaign! Every year, hundreds of volunteers successfully enlist the support of family, friends, businesses and communities in raising funds through events like bake sales, parties and presentations. Volunteers have also been successful in obtaining financial support from community groups, corporations and university groups.

What do I need to get prepared?

Once you have selected your project, you will receive specific country and project information where you can find all the materials you will need to get ready, including paperwork and packing list.