RJI Board

Andrés Morales - President

Andrés holds a License Degree in Business Administration and is currently working for Costa Rica Internal Revenue Services Ministry. His first contact with RJI was as Group Leader for several projects in 1998, after which he became a regular staff member. He joined RJI Board since 2002, where he held various positions before becoming our current President.


Gary Barquero - Vicepresident

Gary, he is a Lawyer. He currently works in logistics and Operations for a Multinational Company. He has been part of RJI´s Board since 2012.


Alvaro Madrigal  - Treasurer

Álvaro holds a BA in Business Administration and currently works as Finance Coordinator for Peace Corps, Costa Rica. He joined Reto Juvenil as a permanent staff in 2003 where he carried out different responsibilities as Group Leader, Field Coordinator and Field Director. He joined RJI´s Board in 2011.


Adrian Madrigal- Secretary

Adrian  works at the administrative section for Mexico Hospital in San José, Costa Rica.


Margarita Alvarado  – Vocal I

She is Social Worker and also Lawyer. She currently works for a Primary school as a Counseler part of the Costa Rica Ministry of Public Education.


Ligia Esquivel  - Vocal II

She participated as Group Leader  and volunteer for RJI and has been involved always with our organization. She works as Science teacher.


Raquel Alvarado Sunikansky – Vocal III

Raquel graduated in Communication from the Rider University of New Jersey and completed a Masters Degree in Hispanic Literature from the Villanova University of Pennsylvania. She currently lives in Heredia, Costa Rica and works as a translator mainly for a consultancy agency. She joined RJI Board in January 2012


Nancy de Lemos  –  Fiscal

Nancy, she is a reporter and works for a Multinational Company, She has been part of RJI´s Board since 2014.