Service Learning & Capstone Projects


In partnership with academic institutions, RJI coordinates Service Learning and Capstone Projects experiences for groups and individuals. The Projects combines community service with academic instruction, as it focuses on reflecting thinking and civic responsibility. The programs involve students in our communities´ development vision by addressing local needs, while developing their academic skills, sense of global responsibility and commitment to change. For most students, this is a life-changing experience that prepares them to be lifelong learners and leaders in their community and professions.


Reto Juvenil has a long history working together with prestigious regional and international academic centres in the development of Service Learning projects. Some of these institutions include:
  • United States: Columbia University, Texas AIM, Winthrop University, Michigan University.
  • Canada: McGill University, Wilfred Laurier University, Ottawa University, Ryerson University, University of Toronto, Carleton University, Vancouver Island University, Queens University, Dalhousie University, Windsor University, Western University, British Columbia University and Simon Fraser University.
  • México: Universidad Iberoamericana.
  • Costa Rica: UCIMED, Universidad de Costa Rica, Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica.

Customize your project

RJI organizes projects that adapts in time and conditions the group and the academic centre. We also match the group with a community where they can develop an initiative that they feel passionate about and that suits the objectives of this learning experience. Please visit where we work  to learn more about our projects in every country. Remember that RJI has more than 30 years working in the region, so the communities and projects we show at our page are only a fraction of our scope. Make sure you contact us to let us now about your ideas and how we can work together.

Earn a free trip!

RJI offers a FREE trip to the representatives of universities or schools who are able to form groups of over 12 people. Special discounts are also available even if the group is smaller than 12 participants. Make sure you contact us to receive more information, ideas and resources for linking your institution to RJI and creating a Service Learning program.

RJI Group Leader

For groups bigger that 5 people, RJI offers a trained Group Leader that will direct and assist the volunteers during their entire trip. The Leader will stay with the group at all times and will be the direct link between the group and the community. Some of the key responsibilities of the Group Leader include:
  • Ensure the safety and adequate behaviour of volunteers.
  • Coordinate the group´s work schedules, community interactions, social activities, meals and others
  • Logistical support to in-community activities
  • Effectively and quickly handle any possible emergency
  • Be the bridge between the community and the volunteers. RJI leader will be bilingual and thus will facilitate the communication between both of them.

Participation fee

RJI is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of communities and youth leaders. Nevertheless, we depend on the fundraising efforts of our groups to cover expenses like alimentation, materials, transportation and administrative costs.

Participation fee may change depending on special conditions of a particular community and on the amount of volunteers in the group, but the information below can help you have a good idea of the funds per participant that needs to be raised for the project of 12 people. The fee may rise for groups smaller than this or be lower for larger groups. If you wish to have the exact information, please don’t hesitate contact us  to discuss your ideas. Make sure you ask us about special offers and opportunities!

Two Weeks USD$750:


The participation fee includes

  • Airport Pick-Up & Drop-Off. Using Private or Public Transport depends on the fee.
  • Transportation to & from Project
  • Basic lodging and meals in the community
  • Orientation session
  • Project Training and In-Country Support
  • Participation certificate and Reference letter (when requested)
  • 24 hour in-country emergency service
  • 24/7 Bilingual Group Leader.

The participation fee does not include

  • Airfare
  • Airport Exit Taxes
  • Personal Spending Money
  • Travel Insurance
  • Optional Tours
  • Laundry Service
  • Hotel reservations in case of late flights



Project fees are sometimes the biggest obstacle for volunteers. For this reason, RJI gives support to its prospective volunteers to fundraise in their home communities with staff advices and online fundraising tools. Fundraising can be an important part of planning your experience and it is amazing what you can raise when you tell people about the great work that you will be doing in the communities. Fundraising can be used to collect sponsorships for volunteers, or to collect donations to take on your trip. You can, for instance, host events to raise your funds such as garage sales, car wash, or sell beverages/food at diverse activities. If you have any questions or want our advice on how to raise money for your group trip, please don't hesitate to contact us.