Getting on board this 2024

How do the projects in the different countries differ?

Each project has a slightly different focus, length and timing, depending on the goals and objectives. Click where we work to read about each country and our projects and contributions in the area.

Can I choose which country I volunteer in?

Yes. During your application process, RJI will help you determine which projects are best suited for you based on your skills, experience, time and interests. If you have special interests in working in an area when there are no scheduled group projects, remember there is always the possibility of tailored individual volunteers opportunities.

Are there any additional costs I need to consider?

Please remember that beyond your participation fee, you are required to cover your flight, insurance, medical expenses, entry visa and exit tax (depending on the country). RJI will cover all your basic needs in the community, including food and lodging. Nevertheless, you may want to do some shopping, travel after the project or do a potential travel during the project. These extra expenses are not covered and will vary considerably from person to person, so take the time to consider all of your costs and build them into your budget when planning your fundraising.

What if I have an allergy, dietary restriction, or other condition that may limit my ability to participate?

RJI does its best to work around dietary restrictions and other allergies or conditions. Please contact us so that we can talk about your specific case and find a possible solution.