Change the world!

Reto Juvenil invites passionate volunteers from all around the globe to join our cause of creating a better and more sustainable world. With over 20 years of experience, RJI's programs offer safe and life-changing opportunities for individuals and groups to participate in the development of the Central American communities that need it the most.

How? RJI works together with the communities to identify needs and assets, in order to create long-term visions of what we wish to achieve together. Since every community is different, RJI's projects are specialized and attend the communities' specific situations. This has given us experience in a wide range of development areas, including youth and women empowerment, environmental conservation, community health, education, infrastructure development and others.

RJI then recruits, along with its´ partners, international volunteers that contribute with their energy and skills towards making the community's vision a reality. In this way, RJI facilitates to the participants the opportunity of being an active actor in the process of change, while developing personal and professional skills.
Volunteers can join RJI programs in the following ways:
RJI organizes two to 10-weeks group projects during the year for volunteers who are interested in participating in grass-root community development initiatives.
RJI helps you form a group from your university or other organization to develop customized projects in the Central American and Caribbean region.
Universities and Academic Institutions can work together with RJI to coordinate Service Learning experience.
For volunteers with specific needs interested in developing their own initiatives, RJI offers to create customized projects that meet individual needs.
RJI is always looking for interns that wish to support the organization. Learn more about the available internship opportunities by accessing the link.